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Dengue Fever Attack

Harlo all, how was your weekend? I start hoping that everyday is my weekend, no need to work and just relax at home. Fuh! Wake u from dream! One week ago, I was attacked with fever and I feel really really weak with it. However DiGi has promised to Pimp My Day along with my teammates. So I die die also must go for it. At that moment I realize my teammates are so caring =D At first I don't know it was dengue, I thought it is the bloody fever that makes me feel like not to do anything and just to sleep at home. I did go to company's clinic and it was after fever recovered. However I still feel weak and feel like a walking dead zombie whole day long. I go to the clinic again once I found rashes all over my body and one of my colleague said it might me the dengue fever. So I googled about it and check the symptoms. Rashes appear after the fever . Okay, since the internet said the same thing then only I go to clinic for blood test. I feel nothing wrong at all just that I feel weak.

DiGi Internet Ultimately Pimped My Day!!

This would be the individual post about my DiGi Internet Pimped my day and I will share what I feel. Seriously, I was sick that day, but due to the spirit of teamwork and my d ie-die-also-must-go spirit , I still went to duel with this DiGi challenge. DiGi Internet Pimp My Day @ Mardi Gras (1Utama), 9 Jan 2010 You know how it feel when you are sick and still need to drive? Fortunately I was saved by my angelic teammates. I feel super lucky because my teammates offered to fetch me instead of let me drive alone to 1U. Thanks ZJ and Nicole + Wern the paramedic that can supply many different types of medication to me =) Once we registered at the counter we were given something to Pimp Our Day~! What was it? DiGi Internet of course =) Everybody were dressed in Yellow because we wanted to win the RM300 Levi's Cash Voucher Even though I was sick I still attracted by the appearance of the DiGi dolls. One of the doll - Adele And here is another pretty doll - Tzia I found that the

DiGi Pimp My Day...My Sick Day

Team 7: The Ultimate Clue Busters Saturday was a crazy day for me, total 8 challenge, first challenge already challenge my stamina while I was SICK. Then climb up tons of stairs to the UR level for "It's a Hit" challenge and figured out we need to change station because if not need to wait for too long. This is definitely an unfavorable thing for my teammates T.t At here I would like to say sorry to my every team members as I know me myself can't pay attention on what I am doing. After all, look at the brightside, after I fell a sick I have noticed my team members are so caring to fetch me to 1 Utama instead of myself driving sickly to the destination. Thanks Zj , Nicole and Wern for being the part time paramedic. Without you guys I would already be a dead cat lying on the floor. Of course not forgetting Ange for being so supportive and trying hard in completing the challenge~! Okay I guess I should continue to sleep to cure the fever! T.T "Busters are in, tog

Precaution steps for A(H1N1) [Esp for Motorcyclist]

Hear about the news of A(H1N1) and it is getting serious in Malaysia. Therefore I would like to share with you guys some precaution and knowledge you need to know about Swine flu A(H1N1): What is Swine Flu? As per Wiki, Swine Flu or Swine influenza (also called swine flu, hog flu, and pig flu) is an infection of a host animal by any one of several specific types of microscopic organisms called "swine influenza virus". What are the symptoms of Swine Flu? That's a bit tricky and misleading part. Since the symptoms of H1N1 virus are quite similar to that of the seasonal flu virus, they sometime make it really difficult to detect and worst is that the patient is confused and afraid whether he/ she has got normal flu or is it the deadly Swine Flu. Though we are listing the symptoms of Swine Flu below, please ensure that you check with proper medical tests at an appropriate medical hospital or facility. Symptoms of Swine Flu include; * fever, * cough * sore throat, * runny or s

X'Mas Event !!

Merry X'Mas everyone :) I went to Sunway Pyramid with Marccus, Mun2, Yeng2 again to meet Li Ern ;p A bit traffic jam, so we are late again... Sorry Li Ern Luckily got NIKE shopS for you to shop Yeap, there are 3 or more NIKE outlets in Sunway Pyramid This is how an international do business right? Let's start the story with pictures Hmm..Too hungry to eat the golden egg on Christmas Tree Mun2 too. First thing we go and meet Li Ern. Then we start hunting for foods. FIG & OLIVE ?? After wandering around we decided to stop at Subway They are happy with it Mun2 can't wait to have a big bite Finished in one minute Marccus too! Poor them for able to eat only after 8 PM ;p Yeng2 + Li Ern who want to grabs her foods Li Ern:" I think I sense someone want to eat mine...~" *The lady behind is imaginating .. eating the bun* See her mouth~ Mun2 + "PaiSeh" Marccus Me + Mun2 A grp photo before we leave the Subway Walking around the shops Marccus was aske