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【PHOTO】ONG SEONG WU FAN MEET IN MALAYSIA #ongseongwu1stfanmeetingtour #옹성우

ONG SEONG WU FAN MEET IN MALAYSIA @ W Kuala Lumpur #ongseongwu1stfanmeetingtour ONG SEONG WU ETERNITY 1st FAN MEETING IN MALAYSIA had a press conference today at W Kuala Lumpur Hotel. Ong Seong Wu, the former WANNAONE member is having his first solo Southeast Asia fan meet tour, with Kuala Lumpur as his fans meeting second stop.  The press conference started with Seong Wu saying "Selamat Dang!!" with his super cute smile. While the actual pronunciation is  suppose to be "Selamat Datang", which mean 'Welcome' in Bahasa Melayu. We thought there would be a Q&A Session for media but apparently the emcee and Ong Seong Wu already answered almost all the questions themselves. Hence for more about the Questions and Answer session during the press conference in Malaysia, just watch the video below: 【EXCLUSIVE】 ONG SEONG WU FAN MEETING IN MALAYSIA PRESS CON #ongseongwu1stfanmeetingtour