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WIN LMFAO Live In Malaysia Concert Ticket [Contest]

[UPDATE] The LMFAO Kuala Lumpur concert will now be held on 9th April 2012 at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon not March 29 as previously scheduled. All tickets purchased with the earlier date of March 29 will still be valid for the April 9 show. The change is due to Sky Blu’s back injury . Sky was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs and, as a result, Sky Blu is unable to accompany his partner Redfoo on the upcoming Asia tour dates. Not at all fazed by the change, Redfoo and the LMFAO Party Rock Crew are committed to leading their loyal platoon of party rockers across Asia until Sky Blu can return. LMFAO LIVE IN MALAYSIA - SUNWAY LAGOON 29TH MARCH 2012 9th April 2012 Are you ready to shuffle the night away? Come 29th March, Samsung and LMFAO will party rock with you. If you have a Galaxy Y , good for you coz you stand a chance to get 2 free tickets . All you have to do is to flash your Galaxy Y on 10th March and find out where to collect your tickets @ lmfa

Christmas Presents that TC Want + Singapore MAMA

In just few more weeks it is Christmas again! Have you visited any shopping mall with nice Christmas decoration being set up already? Above picture was taken at MidValley & Garden during Christmas 2010 . It was a lucky day where I was able to see people stuffing the huge bears. I mean BIG Bear like this! The bear was sitting on the Christmas present~ Now this year what do I wish to get for myself? I hope this 3 mysterious Christmas Santa can make my wishes comes true. Well, since I got that magical Santa hat that can fit my BIG cute head. I gonna be the Santa to get a present for myself. Nikon Speedlight SB-900 Flash Gun that will cost me around RM1,400 I have a Nissin flashgun but it was broken and still in the workshop. Gotta need a better ones so that night shooting,wedding photos including your photos (if you are snapped by me la) would turn out nicer =) My wish is to get an Ultrabook like ASUS Zenbook where I can bring along and traveling around. Just that the price is still

Samsung Galaxy S II Crash Proof + 'Siri' + Smooth 3D Features

Samsung Galaxy S II has been one of the successful smartphone with large and clear AMOLED screen that you will definitely love it =) I managed to play with it 1 week before it was released to the market in Malaysia and gonna say it is working fast and smoothly the moment you start touching it. But people like me do worry if I accidentally dropped my gorgeous Samsung Galaxy S II with screen facing down the ground, will the screen become scattered like the glass on iPhone 4? Check out the video below: Crash test iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II It definitely convince me that I should get one Samsung Galaxy S II and I won't be worried to have my clumsy cute cousin [who always drop my stuff] playing with it. iPhone4 has Siri but Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S2 can have Iris ! This video below prove that you can own a better phone with voice control too =) Imagine you have both iPhone4 and Samsung Galaxy S2 accidentally drop to the ground facing down, you might have

Samsung Galaxy S2 Launch @ Mid Valley [Sneak Peek]

Samsung Galaxy S2 official launch in Malaysia will be at Mid Valley Centre Court on 22th June 2011. Thanks to Nuffnang 5 lucky bloggers managed to have the first view of the brand new Samsung Smartphone 1 week earlier than the official launch! So here it is the brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 with sleek looks It is really light and slim when I first hold it with my hand. Figured out that it partly because of the think back cover too. Samsung Galaxy S2 embedded with 8.0MP camera with LED Flash. Samsung Galaxy S2 viewing HD video on 4.3" Super Amoled Plus Screen. Looks really vivid with vibrant color =) Watched Transformer 3 Trailer and SNSD MV with it too. It has a fun way to zoom in/out an image too without pinching the image, all we need to do is to place two thumbs on the screen. Some features of Samsung Galaxy S2 Dual Core & HSPA + 21MPS Say N Go, Social hub Network HSPA+ 21Mbps/ HSUPA 5.76Mbps EDGE/ GPRS Class 12 Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Quad band UM