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Eason Chan “EASON’S LIFE” concert in KL| 陈奕迅 《EASON’S LIFE》演唱会

陈奕迅 《EASON’S LIFE》演唱会: 10月份吉隆坡登场 10月19日 ,  星期六晚上8点 ,  Stadium Merdeka   Date: 19 October 2013, Saturday Time: 8:00pm Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur Ticket Prices:  RM598,RM498,RM398,RM298,RM138 (Includes RM3.00 ticketing fee) 2013年 10月,香港巨星陈奕迅的《EASON’S LIFE》演唱会空降吉隆坡。 随着香港,悉尼和墨尔本, 《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》是亚洲的首场《EASON’S LIFE 》演唱会。 位处香港乐坛的指标人物, 陈奕迅 无疑是后97香港音乐产业时代最具感染力的男歌手。他曾被美国 《时代杂志》誉为 “影响香港乐坛风格的人物”,并于2012年被香港TIME OUT 杂志加冕为 “亚洲流行音乐之王”。 将以全新概念的 《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》 是由 Celcom First  荣誉呈献。 《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》 即将在 10月19日 , 星期六晚上8点 , Stadium Merdeka 隆重登场。这次的演唱会正是新概念《EASON’S LIFE 》的 第一场户外演唱会 ,并且也会是第一场在亚洲 (香港以外)举办的《EASON’S LIFE 》演唱会。 从2013年7月6日,《EASON’S LIFE 》已回归香港红馆开唱,取得了巨大的成功。凭借超高的叫座力以及压倒性的售票数量, 为了满足众多粉丝的要求, 组办方不得不从最初的12场加至17场、20场、23场。。。最终以一个月内唱满25场圆满结束。 陈奕迅本身也对演唱会的叫座程度表示惊讶,并把成功归于各方所给予的热烈支持。他指出,目前社会发展迅速,大家只关注自己眼前的工作及生活等大事,往往忽略生活里所谓的“小事”,“其实不同年纪的人会有不同的经历,希望大家可以透过这个演唱会,用心感受及体会每件小事的意义及影响力的重要性,并投放多一些情怀发掘人生不同的意义。” 陈奕迅不仅仅是一个美丽超凡歌手,也懂得玩乐器包括钢

Samsung GALAXY Camera Review @ Malaysia Launch

The models with Samsung GALAXY Camera Samsung GALAXY Camera, the 1st Android based camera with 3G capabilities was launched in Malaysia during end of November at Ciao Ristorante Restaurant and fireworks were blasted into the sky at the end of the event. I've been waiting for its launch in Malaysia ever since I saw the video on YouTube. It was great to be the first few to check out this new concept gadget in Malaysia. Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics snapping photos of model using Samsung GALAXY Camera Sammsung GALAXY Camera collaboration with local telco to launch attractive data plan package I brought home 4 Samsung GALAXY Camera that day. Just kidding ;p There were 4 lucky media members who manage to bring it home! Samsung GALAXY Camera Specification: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) 121.1 MM (4.8"), 308 ppi, HD super clear touch display 1080P full HD video recording 1.4 GHz quad-core processor 3G/Wifi connec

Celcom PortaWiFi: Get Connected On The Go

[Sponsored Post] Celcom PortaWiFi Yesterday I was at Menara Celcom for the launching of their new mobile services - Celcom PortaWiFi.  It’s the one device that gets you connected at home, on the road and on the go . With Celcom PortaWiFi you have your own personal and secure WiFi connection, one that you can enjoy with the wide coverage of Celcom Territory. Official launch by  Afizulazha Abdullah , Chief Operations, Advanced Data (CAD) of Celcom Axiata Berhad and representatives from Huawei Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd During the photography session, a photographer said, "PLEASE INSERT SLOWLY"  Haha wtf So this is how the Celcom PortaMifi looks like. An upgrade of the Celcom First Data with USB Dongle , car adapter  and 3 pin home adapter that make your internet become mobile anywhere in Celcom territory.  When you purchase the Celcom PortaWiFi device @ RM159 it comes with the USB dongle, car adaptor/charger and 3-Pin home adapter. This