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[VIDEO] G.E.M.邓紫棋与NameWee黄明志飙歌 《飘向北方》拥抱后还赞她榴莲香 - 世界巡回演唱会《Queen Of Hearts》马来西亚站 Gem Tang Live in KL

G.E.M.邓紫棋与NameWee黄明志合唱飙歌 《飘向北方》,拥抱后还赞她榴莲香 那天G.E.M.邓紫棋世界巡回演唱会《Queen Of Hearts》吉隆坡站演唱会 @ Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil。我就是在那晚淋到雨,吃Serai唯一卖的高档晚餐(就只是Fish and Chips,还好味道不错),然后吹免费冷气吹到第二天不小心感冒了。但是看到邓紫棋的卖力演出,然后又和NameWee黄明志的合唱 《飘向北方》,是值得的!! [LIVE] 漂向北方 - 邓紫棋 x 黄明志 Live In KL (合唱版)她们还拥抱叻,难道?! G.E.M.邓紫棋世界巡回演唱会《Queen Of Hearts》吉隆坡站在粉丝的呐喊声下完美落幕 !“红心女王”G.E.M. 在八名化身侍卫的舞蹈员引领下为演唱会揭开序幕并演唱 “A.I.N.Y.爱你” 及 “WHAT HAVE U DONE” 展现其铁肺唱功。演唱会舞台和制作设计媲美韩星演唱会效果,据称舞台制作费超过1百万马币,并舞台设计成一个梦幻的“移动城堡”,现场也备配合舞台灯光变幻的荧光棒,单是制作方面和舞台效果已值回票价。

Samsung Gear Sport & Gear IconX Price in Malaysia (Start from RM799)

GEAR UP! Samsung Sets New Standard for Lifestyle Living with Gear Sport and Gear IconX We were the first in Malaysia to strap on the Gear Sport, participants accepted the Gear Up Challenge for an all-round fitness experience. The HIIT exercise was so effective that I feel the soreness all over my body now. Overall, it was a healthy experience to speed up my secret transformation =) In the digital age where technology and exercise collide, wearables have transformed society’s approach to fitness and have the ability to keep us informed, motivated and on track to accomplishing our fitness goals. In support of staying active, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is proud to add two new standout devices, the Gear Sport and Gear IconX , to its portfolio of innovative wearables – designed to help people get the most out of their day.

11 Things To Do Before Buying New Camera Smartphone

11 Things You Should Do Before Buying New Smartphone Today I am sharing my personal tips including recommended things you should do before buying a new smartphone with good camera. It might be simple but these are helpful tips for you who love mobile photography =) So read it below! 1. Do you WANT it or NEED it? First thing first, technology improve so quickly that the moment you get a new phone, a better one come out a few months later and you asked yourselves, "Why didn't I wait for the newer one?!" Well this happened to me and it was the best choice when I want a new phone. Therefore the moment I am checking out new gadgets, this is the question I keep asking to myself. Nowadays I only buy gears that I really need even-though I want them all. Even camera nowadays has involve so quick that I can hardly stay updated. Remember, it is your photography skill and knowledge that's more important than owning the latest gear, even a simple smartphone can he

[Photo] Farewell Dinner @ Bijan Bar & Restaurant

This is gonna be a photo post of awesome people having fun at a farewell dinner party in Bijan Bar & Restaurant, Jalan Ceylon . A pretty nice place for dinner and people who love to drink at the bar.  The restaurant offer halal food and there's a bar for you who love to drink. A perfect place to organize 1Malaysia dinner party here. The crowd that night was fun and most of them see each other after a long time. Love the happy face and smile being captured under my camera. Enjoy!!

[Photo] 18th European Union Film Festival in Malaysia @ GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

[Photo] 18th European Union Film Festival in Malaysia @ GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur I have somehow abandoned this blog again due to the nature of time being spent on photography projects, Instagram and the time consuming YouTube because I wanted to create better visual picture content. Anyway, tonight I would like to share some photos taken during the official night of  18th European Union Film Festival in Malaysia @ GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. For more info about 18th EUFF, you may visit  or