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I am going to 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014!! Hi Korea!!

Social Casters receiving gift by Dato Lee Chong Wei and Pandelela Photo credit:  Lee Chong Wei 李宗伟 Today 6 August 2014 marked as a remarkable day for not only Samsung Malaysia and Asian Game Incheon 2014 , but also considered as a special day for me too! Long story short, Samsung Malaysia has announced their Team Samsung Athlete and Social Casters today!! The two members of the team from Malaysia are non other than Dato’ Lee Chong Wei , the world’s No.1 badminton player, and Pandelela Rinong , the bronze medalist in diving at the London 2012 Olympic Games.    Both me and Wilson from will be representing Malaysia and travel to Incheon to do live social updates about Team Malaysia in Asian Games Incheon 2014!! It was a very good news for me especially after went through all the sweet moments at London Olympic 2012 as one of the Samsung Global Blogger  from various countries. Samsung Global Blogger 2012 I would like to thank

Share your Happiness!!

Good food makes me happy =) I don't know about you, but if I need to live my life without being able to eat delicious foods in Malaysia, my life will be meaningless. Gotta thanks to god's creation where we human have a mouth that let us experience different kinds of flavours. When you eat chili you feel hot and spicy, when you sick you will need to eat medicines that sometimes taste bitter.... but luckily there are foods that makes you feel happy, especially chocolate and candies! I quite like one caramel coated candy with chocolate filling. At first that sticky caramel taste will linger around your tongue, and after that the sweetness of the chocolate filling. Basically what you eat will  indirectly affect how you feel =) Now I have something to share with you and you may want to share the happiness too~

ntv7 聆听世界 Listen to the World十大艺人分享记者会 [Video]

ntv7 聆听世界 Listen to the World十大艺人分享 【记者会】 You can support 'Listen to the World 聆听世界' 's good cause by supporting their upcoming charity bazaar located at Sunway Giza Mall on 9 June (Sunday) [10 am to 2 pm] . ntv7 celebrities, together with one FM radio announcers will donate thir personal clothings which inlcude second hand items as well as brand new clothes and accessories. Other belongings such as exclusive photo albums and beauty prducts will also be up for purchase. 《聆听世界》Charity Bazaar @ Sunway Giza Mall 9 June 10am - 2pm Major local brands such as Yeo's, Lipton Tea, body Glove, Asics, LINE, Action City, Follow Me and local designer Key Ng will hop on the bandwagon to spread good deeds by sponsoring some of the goods and clothing on that day.  Wu Jia Jui will also make a special appearance in taking part in the charity bazaar. 'Listen to the World' theme song will be available in the form of a music EP and for sale during

ntv7 Listen to the World 聆听世界: Thailand - Cambodia - China - Nepal - Sabah

ntv7 Listen to the World 聆听世界 together with local celebrities [L-R] Adrian Tan, Ong Ai Leng, Wu Jia Hui, Karena Teo, Frederick Lee, Aenie Wong, leslie Chai, Debbie Goh, Lawrence Wong, Jan Chin, Kyo Chen ntv7 Listen to the World 聆听世界  Aligned with ntv7's 'Do Good Feel Good" motto,a group of local celebrities has been assembled to venture out of their comfort zone in an attempt to do their bid in changing the world for the better. The channel's latest programme, Listen to the World 聆听世界 , invites its top 10 Chinese personalities to go to many corners of the world to listen to the forgotten voice, truly experience the local customs and simultaneously spreading the love and care to the people who have longed for it. The 10 Chinese celebrities that will host the show includes - Debbie Goh, Frederick lee, Adrian Tan, Karena Teo, Leslie Chai, Aenie Wong, Lawrence Wong, Ong Ai Leng, Kyo Chen and Jan Chin . They will be divided into pair and tracel to pla

Astro CNY Dinner 2013 @ Oversea Restaurant [Jaya One]: I Won RM300!

Happy Ulala 2013 - Before you continue reading, I would like to wish you all (especially you who keep dropping by to this space for new updates) have an awesome Ulala year ahead, if SPM this year get all As, if working become richer this year and stay healthy+happy as always. Hopefully you like my blog+photos and support Sky Arts Production - My Photography Page. Thank you Astro for inviting me to their annual Chinese New Year Dinner at Oversea Restaurant @ Jaya One . It was fun to be here again, better traffic compared to last year. If you wonder how was the food in Oversea Restaurant, it was all taste good, just that the waiter and waitress act a bit slow while serving the food. I guess they were all exhaousted during the CNY season~  Astro 2013 CNY Dinner Menu  I like the chicken dish and sea cucumber with broccoli dishes the most. Other bloggers who attended the dinner that night includes KY, Haze Long, SaiMatKong and MsXeroz =D KY and Haz