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Crocs Malaysia Website Launch & Official Appointed Bloggers | Friendscino

Friendscino (Damansara Perdana) , where last time used to be Frienster Cafe. It is real hard for me to find this place because my GPS died off when I eager to explore the new road without knowing the battery finish so fast. Ends up I was late for Crocs Malaysia Website launch event and kinda miss some of the story. Crocband Nation Limited Edition collection Crocband Nation Limited Edition collection - which one do you like? Five Malaysia bloggers were appointed as Crocs Malaysia's official blogger This is Marcky *Woot saw my face on his blog ~!* We were together in Crocs' charity event at Rumah kids . First time visited Rumah Kids and Zee Avi was there to support the event too~ Check them out~! Congratz to Chris Tock(@spinzer) , Marky(@marc_ky) , Ellie Chee(@Missycheerio) , Rebecca Saw and Feeq (@meaningfool) to become Crocs first 5 official blogger =) Tony Stark said," Take off your socks and put on your crocs, we're getting wet!" After the appointment