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This Dinosaur like Chatime & Melaka was hot!

Bad news... Haze is invading Melaka again! It totally ruined my morning while attempt to go and shoot the sunrise photo. Well, the truth is I am glad it did so I could sleep longer in an air-conditioned room hahaha! I've always like to go out for shutter therapy especially when I go back to my hometown. Always wonder how many things can change in such a short time. I've attended a friend's wedding yesterday night and experienced an awful traffic jam all because of the Ramadhan Bazaar at Jalan Hang Jebat . This traffic jam is 200% worse than Jonker Street =.=" Anyway, today I've visited the St Paul's Church and A Famosa skipping Stadthuys as it was under renovation. I wonder since when the parking area beside Stadhuys has a new counter charging us at higher parking fees. First hour RM1 and RM0.60 with additional hour. I was forced to go out again and reenter because it lack of parking space. MBMB not so clever this time... All right, today I would li