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George Benson Live in KL 2013 @ KLCC [Photo]: Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

George Benson Live in KL 2013 @ KLCC Beautifully performed like nothing's gonna change George Benson considered as one of the music legend that I don't really know but I will never forget his awesome song called "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You". It is really my honour to be able to capture George's precious moment during his Inspiration Music Tour to Malaysia @ KLCC . The concert was organised by JS Concert and there were VIPs  and the Royals attending this concert as well. Although the Plenary hall in KLCC was dark, the spotlights never fail to make George shine on the stage =) The tricky part is to snap photos of the crowd who enjoying his music =) I am glad I saw some excited audience stood up and dancing along with George's beautiful voice and I managed to capture their moments enjoying the show. All right below are some of the photos I've selected to share with you all. Hopefully you will like it!