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Which Hyundai R U? We Were In Top 5 but...

Which Hyundai R U? Here is my post to recruit votes. First I would like to say thank you to Jian aka ZJ [The photographer], Nicol e [ The Planner], Ange and her sis[A Hyundai Car and good idea] for making this contest having a good end. *Not so good la* Secondly, I would like to say thanks again to all friends who voted for us. Especially friends in Facebook and ruumz Sorry that we didn't win and can't help any of you get an iTouch T.t Next time must try harder!! Although both of our picture manage to get in Top 10 *The KLCC one* Saw the Chua Yi Ling and TianChad Chen ? :) All Top 10 winner got a very heavy goodie bag and people wonder what is inside. Ends up the Hyundai Car Catalog contribute most of the weight... What else? A cute tiny car model and a working T-Shirt from Hyundai It is really hard to believe all the Top 10 *excluding the winner* have these stuff only but no other better. We can't blame them right? Because they didn't mention top 10 got what