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SHE Selina 浴火重生 Shown Up After Burn Injury

After S.H.E. Selina 's big encounter with the fire incident and 3rd degree burnt , today is the first time she appear on press conference after admitted to hospital to appreciate everyone who concern about her current condition . Glad to see Selina being so brave and face everything now especially after the explosion incident. Selina will be is the idol to encourage other people to appreciate life and stay strong. I am sure her parents, including Ella and Hebe contribute a lot to make Selina stay strong. "歷經89天, 浴火重生 的 Selina 終於現身,與 任爸、Ella、 Hebe 一同出席記者會,原本一頭長髮的她,現在已是小平頭,首度露面的她,身穿粉紅色背心,手上也戴著彈性手套,左臉上依稀還看得出傷疤,走路的時候動作也較緩慢,情緒上顯得有些激動,第一句話就是謝謝大家的關心,感謝各界關心,也謝謝家人、未婚夫跟朋友的支持,特別開心表示終於可以回家了,在家人跟好朋友的陪伴下, SELINA勇敢地以平頭露面,沒有任何遮掩,展現屬於自己的那份堅強與勇氣 。" by Sina TW "(中央社记者蔡欣桦台北19日电) 艺人Selina 因拍戏意外灼伤,住院治疗89天,原本预计明天出院,今天临时通知媒体,下午2时会在 林口长庚医院 召开出院感恩记者会,公开露面感谢外界的祝福与关心。S

[Video] S.H.E Selina 3rd Degree Burn Injuries. How It Happened?

Just saw the video people sharing on Facebook about S.HE Selina had 3rd degree burn injuries during the filming "我和春天有个约会" in Shanghai. This video show the reporters visited the explosion filming site. The five different bomb spots were supposed to ignite at different time when both Selina and Yu HaoMing [俞灝明] running out from the building. Unfortunately the bombs exploded faster than they expected and all 5 bombs exploded at the same time when they reach the door way only. Both of them were on fire. According to the video, Selina was shouting in pain and wasn't able to walk. For now director still haven't officially reply any calls from the reporters. Besides, not sure what would happen to the guy who responsible to ignite the explosive point. I believe there should be more safety precautions to prevent this happen. I am not sure if they have did some trial before the recording but we do know that explosive are expensive. Selina 3rd Degree Burn Injury. How i