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Kris Allen Live In Malaysia with!

Hello ladies and guys perhaps, this post is specially dedicate to all Kris Allen fans around the world and I hope you enjoy tons of photos posted up here. For previous photo posted on , please click here "Kris-Allen-Music-Show-KL-Malaysia" . If you saw photo with 21 x 9 ratio it means it is most suitable to be LG Chocolate BL40 's wallpaper. Do comments on photo below and again hereby I wanna thanks NigelSia for the DSLR advice =D One of the handsome band member Kris Allen interact with the fans, how nice? Some advice to DSLR user, take off the BIG flash gun if you are not using it =S Kris Allen took a rest drinking Water Continue rocks with the fans and sing along! Music with the band! One night only~! One night only! Kris Allen - "To be a better man" It is good to see the crowd smiling Not usual to see Kris with this face expression At the end of a song, a swing of the guitar The 70's hairstyle guitarist "Curry-puff hairstyle" *Wh

Kris Allen Music Show @ KL Malaysia

On 8th Feb, a big thanks to LG Blog who invited a few bloggers to attend Kris Allen - Live In KL Music Show @ MidValley Garden Ballroom. I would say this is a different opportunity that I get through blogging =) Invited bloggers are Nicole , Marcus , Bryan and myself =) It is kinda rush for me as we need to reach there before 7PM with massive traffic jam. Luckily we were serve with some foods and drinks. Thank you lady =) Speech was given during the waiting time We were given chance to explore LG Mobile Phone too [LG Viewty & LG Chocolate]. You can read my experience with LG Chocolate BL40 here . There are some Kris Allen photo provided especially for the phone too =) Henry Tan, COO of Astro Spotted Suresh in the hall =) Kellster , Nigel Sia and Joshua Ong - Fun people to hanging around In the mean time, Nicole spotted Natalie =) I took picture with her too - with the quirky expression Ean was the emcee "I ate 14 Durians" - what does that mean? In the mean time Am