Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair [Extreme Photo Post]

Introducing the blogger Simon Meow Seow! This picture will be used as 招财猫 for this blog post =)

At last I am sharing Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair memories/experiences/photos. So basically this is an event organized by both Nuffnang and Gatsby @ TimeSquare to gather up more than 500 bloggers to be at the same event. Why? Because we are going to be in Malaysia's Book Record! *congratz* Between I am the 64th blogger who attend to this event. Kinda early right?

During the event we are given all day long to play the street games and get as much game point as we can to redeem Gatsby's Product [Including their famous Moving Rubber Hair Styling product, Facial care, and their new categories the Perfume Deodorant]. There are certain games that is really really easy to play, you just have to find the right one to earn fast "money".

Shall I start my long photo stories?

Wern is there with her sis

Robb with the loud speaker

Tons of goodies bags ready to be distributed [ Including a T-Shirt and Fan]

Nuffies help us register by referring to name's alphabet

Pretty Gatsby Girl ready to sanitize deodorize us

Nicole(MsXeroz), WenPink and Wern

Danny, Timothy and Nicholas - The three big guy in Nuffnang Malaysia

Another Gatsby girl introducing Gatsby Perfume Deodorant
*Tips: Don't spray too much as it contain perfume. Which girl like guys with more perfume than her? =)*

Fourfeetnine who maintain her youth since 14

Me playing one of the games

"Cue Ball" - Snooker player's favourite

"Crazy Parking" - It depends on luck instead of skills

Baby was in the fair too, to accompany the parents blogger who visit this Street Fair

Camwhore with Simon "Meow"

The moment we took picture together to create another Malaysia's Books of Records

Busy Loudspeaker Gatsby Crew

"Football Toss" - Use different direction of throwing u will surely hit the target

Luckily they provide drinking water for us to cure the thirst

"Can Smash" - This 2 member are the best people among others. They will let you finish and win this game till the end. I think I throw more than 8 balls to finish all the cans.


We get a timeout from all the street fair games as the official launching of the street fair and Malaysia's Book Record is going to start.

Mr. Chin Choon Keng, Mr. Kuniyuki Ota and Mr. Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam who have a happy smile. I am sure Timothy is very happy for what is happening as he is smiling along the whole day. Wait, which day he is not smiling? =D

While Tim is giving a short speech on stage

Audrey is snapping photo for him =) I am looking forward for their wedding!!

Datuk Danny Ooi, founder and managing director of Malaysia Book Of Records

The Gatsby Girl looks frightened with all the camera flash during the group photo

Another group photo of receiving the awards

gif creator
Woot! The moment Tim's Whistle Gun broken down

Wah, how many bloggers are here? =D

If you are computer geek, play their online game to win quick game points. I got lots of point from there. Which means I am ....... a Game Master!

Ever since ShaolinTiger Kneel down with Audrey, here come more mimic photo of this scene

A few great Malay blogger is doing their great job doing live blogging =)
[MohdZaid, Eyriqazz, Aidi Safuan and Azhar Ramli]

The "Capture-the-red-cube-with-feet" game = Mission Impossible

Ahh looking at this picture makes me think of Tamil's movie of a couple hiding behind a tree then left-and-right and left-and-right and keep continue doing that.

The girl beside is a strong opponent to defeat her =) She is smart!

Nicole like to ride the bull

But the bull doesn't like her pheromone, maybe she need some Gatsby Deodorant spray ;p

So do Wern failed on riding the bull for more than 10 seconds =S

My stomach told us to go eat at Kenny Roger in TimeSquare. The waiter's service get better than last time but still got way more thing to improve. For example, when we ask for water refill please don't forget about it; when we ask for service the waiter hardly "noticed" us until we make a big wave =.="

Woot Jestina is handling this "Hitting-peanut" game. My opinion, she won't let you win that game so easily. Secondly, she is a tough but sweet girl.

"Gatsby Mountain climbing" - never try, it use too much time =S

"What the F-ish" - Fish the Gatsby with a ring

"Hit into the hole" -A guy successfully taught me how to play golf =)

Nicholas Chay - A very nice nuffie who do take care of other nuffies by bringing water to them. [To all female Nuffies, I think he is a good guy to marry la, esp to "Jester4eva"]

Gatsby girl is always happy to provide you spraying service. See she is so happy and he is so enjoy?

XinXian the blogging relation Nuffie. Thx for the Project Alpha instant cash!

We play Snake Game

With this little boy who love it so much

What's good when you own a Big Gun a.k.a. DSLR? The pictures tell you why.

Had a gladiator fight with Nicole and bash Ip Man Bomberman Master win

Aiks they are tempting me by simply put the gamepoint on the ground. I almost go to grab it =S

There are tons of prize as lucky draw [GPS,Ferrari Notebook, Wii, Acer Netbook, Camera, Mobile Phone +++] Too bad I wasn not lucky enough to win a laptop =S

But anyhow, congratz to the lucky winner =)

During Lucky draw session, Nicole and Wern try to use their mind control to win.

After a long day we queue up to redeem our game point

She is interested in the big camera

She could be Tarzan's Jane

There are so many Gatsby product to redeem and I grabbed some of the Deodorant and hair spray.

Wern and Nicole had a arm wrestling and guess who won again and again?

Winner get treated with Icy-Three-Flavured Slurpee

Oh wait this Slurpee contest going to end today and I do need your BIG Favor by voting for our video here! Please help us fly to Redang/Tioman/Langkawi for the travel trip??


  1. Wow...Seems like a good event that made you all enjoy for the whole day. I wish I were there too. :)



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