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Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 Price @ RM2,199 | Malaysia Launch @ KLPAC

  Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 has launched in Malaysia with Retail Price RM2,199 Samsung Malaysia Electronics unveiled its latest mobile innovation, the GALAXY Note 10.1. Outfitted with the functionality and precision of a pen and paper on a 10.1-inch large display, the GALAXY Note 10.1 is designed to provide people with endless possibilities in elevating creativity and productivity. Courtesy of Samsung Malaysia, I was invited to the launch of Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 on a sunny day. It is always nice to check out the what the new gadgets offer and how it will serve us right haha.   This time the launching of Samsung new product - Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 in Malaysia was held at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). A place where creative people meet. I find it a bit too far & hard for me to go there especially trying to beat the morning traffic jam. Once you reach the registration counter you are welcomed by the fair & tall models

[GIVEAWAY] Samsung GALAXY S3 London 2012 Olympics Flip Cover

As promised, here's the official giveaway after my trip to London 2012 Olympic Games ! It was a super duper great experience and I hereby want to giveaway some exclusive London 2012 Merchandize to my readers!  limited Edition Samsung GALAXY S3 London 2012 Olympics Flip Cover Above Flip Cover is only available in London's Samsung Mobile PIN Store and free for people who purchased their GALAXY S3 there. You wouldn't able to purchase this limited edition of Flip Cover for your S3 but I am now giving it away as an appreciation for all your support! Follow the steps below and I hope you are the lucky one to win! [Wait for a while for the Giveaway widget to load] How the winners are selected: Must completed all steps above and multiple entries are allowed.This means the more you share the higher chance for you to win this priceless London 2012 merchandize. List Randomizer will be used where a time stamp is produced for transparency in this draw. Prize w

Samsung Threaten Bloggers & Cancel Flight - Did It Happen to me?

Yo guys, I am sure some of you guys have read about the article of Samsung flew bloggers halfway around the world, then threatened to leave them there and another article about France who won a contest to go to the London Olympic Games that has been shared on Facebook and Twitter over and over again. I've even got friends who are concern about me and asked if this happened to me as well. So here's a blogpost about it. The first article was about 2 bloggers being sent from India to Berlin to cover some Samsung events, end up it didn't went well and they were told that their air flights has been cancelled; The second post is about France, a female blogger who won a contest to go to London 2010 Olympic Games. I think her main concern was about being followed by creepy personnel that urging her for updates and many more tasks-to-do everyday as she get exhausted. Samsung Global Bloggers gathered up at Chelsea Football Club for our first orientation day! I, as on

Samsung GALAXY S3 Review & Price [Malaysia]

Samsung GALAXY SIII Full Review Samsung GALAXY S3 Review & Camera Tips [updated on 7 Nov 2012] First Impression The first time I saw Samsung GALAXY S3 and i feel S3 got the elegant curve edge with silver metallic feel cover at the edge, shining Samsung Logo at the front together with the ear speaker and front camera. S3 is available in two colors - Marble White and Pebble Blue .  I personally prefer Pebble Blue because it won't get dirty easily. But oh well, I think I was destined to have a Marble White GALAXY S3 (Thanks to Samsung Global Blogger). When I carry my S3 on hand I can feel the light weight of the phone, maybe it is because of the plastic casing that make S3 weight at only 133grams. As for the speaker, I personally hope that it can build at the side instead of the back as when I place my phone on carpet/clothes I won't able to hear the loud music as I wanted. Other than that, Galaxy S3 looks good with its inspired by nature design.   Live