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Trishaw Oldman vs Holy Cow

An oldman with his trishaw and not far way I saw this holy cow  In India, cow is considered a holy animal in their religion. Therefore the cow in India has another name called "Holy Cow". Therefore, the poop they excreted called "holy shit" haha! Just wanna share with you guys a picture as above - Trishaw Oldman vs Holy Cow Who looks more attractive to you? The old man with trishaw and the cute holy cow who was paying attention to my camera's shutter sound =) Before you continue to read part 3 of my travel to Incredible India (coming soon), feel free to check out my first two blog posts of my India trip! Places where I've been to includes Qutub Tower, India Gate, Jama Mosque, Taj Mahal, City Palace and many more!!  Read below: Incredible India with Senheng: Visit to Delhi & Taj Mahal, Symbol of India [Part 1] Incredible India with Senheng: Jantar Mantar Observatory - City Palace Museum - Bapu Bazaar [Part 2] Thanks for reading! Press

Back from India, time for GE13, let's vote!

Hello peeps, I am just back from India yesterday and has been sleeping whole day to recover from diarrhea and recharge myself before I drive back hometown to cast my vote for this GE13 !! This is my first time casting vote for Malaysia's General Election and it will be another new and first time experience for me. Hopefully you guys are casting vote to the right party that you think served you well.  There's always people who like to comment about which party is good/bad but that shouldn't be the thing that ruins yours 10 years friendship. I've seen people fight against each other because they have different stand on the political party that they are supporting; Another funny thing is there are certain people who like to comment or even complain about political party BUT they never register themselves as a voter. So if you are one of them, just keep quiet because you have no rights to comment or say anything about which political party is good/bad and should be v

Trip to India with Senheng to see Dato Lee Chong Wei play live!

Harlo guys just a very short update of where I am now. Courtesy of Senheng, I am currently heading to India to witness Dato' Lee Chong Wei play badminton match live!! Woah~~ Currently "lepak" at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 using their free WiFi and really amazed with the Sunflower Garden which located just beside the smoking area. Ironically beautiful though haha. No I wasn't there to smoke of course! Here's a selfie of me with tons of sunflowers at the garden: ******************************************** Can you be BOLT? Submit your best Usain Bolt pose on our Facebook page and stand a chance to win amazing prizes! All you need to do is Like Celcom First page and click on the BOLT app to upload your photo! For more information visit Celcom First Facebook Page and join the contest through this page ! Good luck! Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subs