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Christmas Tang Yuan @ Intermark Mall International Food Hall

One fine day before the Mface event @ Doubletree Hotel , I reached there earlier just to avoid the usual KL Traffic Jam ( x 2 when raining) and was wandering in the Intermark Mall where new retail shops opening one by one at this place. "The Intermark Mall is the intimate retail experience complete with a cluster of outlets for the individuals who appreciate the fine things in life. It is uniquely different from many other retail destinations due to its specialised retail outlets." I saw a custom taylor shop and planning to visit there again as I do need a new coat that perfectly fit me =) [Provided when I am financial stable enough to get one super nice coat] Hope to see more shops opening soon! Spotted a Japanese Restaurant though. Have you tried it before? The Soya Shop that sell fresh soya milk and glutinous rice ball too I somehow remember about a photography contest which was still running to win an iPad2. Therefore I explore the mall finding something to shoot.