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Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 @ The Dome, Stadium Bukit Jalil

Survey : Harlo =) What do you wish to find by searching for Volkswagen Das Auto post? Is it about what was happening at Dome or you want to see more photos/video? Kindly comment below and I'll see what I can share with you =) The long awaited Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 is finally ready and welcoming our visit!! I have been curious about the sphere building that was built up at Stadium Bukit Jalil since few weeks ago and never know that it is Malaysia Grand Volkswagen Das Auto Show . Thanks Volkswagen for invite us bloggers to have a sneak peek in the Dome. Took a photo with the backdrop before we went into the Volkswagen hall There's actually a waiting room for all attendants. Food were being served and Volkswagen ambassadors took photo of the crowd with iPad2. Thanks to the ladies who serve us foods before we go into The Dome I played the simulator racing game while waiting for the event to start. I like the motion detectable steering because it made my race s