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What's The Best Camera To Use in 2020?

What's The Best Camera To Use in 2020? "The best camera, is the one that's with you" To some, photography is just a click of a button but to me, it's about capturing moments that won't be the same again after the 2nd visit. Capturing moments that will be engraved with you for the rest of your life. 🤳 So how do I celebrate these moments? With my #GalaxyNote20 of course! My photos taken with the 108MP camera has never looked so crisp and detailed. The size and vibrancy of the 6.9" AMOLED  screen makes it way easier for me to edit on the go. Capture that moment, but be sure to capture with the best! #withGalaxy #GalaxyWatch3 #GalaxyBudsLive @samsungmalaysia @samsungmobile #TeamGalaxy