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World Cup Street Party | Bangsar Telawi 3

Here is a longer post of World Cup Street Party organized in Bangsar . Lots of people heading to hear and I think almost all are over 18 years old because some people look so young. Luckily there wasn't any raid. Blue Lotus Exige S Was there with Amelia , Hafez nad Sam. I was told by one of the event personal that DSLR is not allowed in the event! So from now on all photo are taken using my new Blackberry 9700 . How I wish they got inform all of us earlier so that no need so ma fan. You just need to guess how many balls was around the Lotus then you might just be the lucky 5 to participate in the Win Lotus game. *Cynthia Chung from P1 presenting the prize* First booth that we all visited is the P1 booth. The brand new P1 Wimax enabled laptops were there too. I just simply guess what is the creature inside the jelly box and I won a P1 bag. (Last time got purple/pink from Nuffnang, now I got green color one) There is a guy "kissing" guy games call

Spain Won Like Paul the Octopus Foresee | World Cup Street Party

Just back from World Cup Street Party in Jalan Telawi Bangsar along with few friends. Didn't expect myself to watch till the end of the show one =S The crowd is very big and crazy but I think I still prefer a place where I can sit la. Anyhow, good job on the free floe of Bacardi and Carlsberg. It has been free flow since 8PM and even until 3AM they still have beers for all people. Thumbs up! First time saw funny drunk people also, some will keep scolding bad word (fcuk you +++), and some wanna pick a fight while the one I ike the most is he will volunteer give you drinks as long you support Holland, haha!) There are a few Lotus Sportcar at the roadside for you to "saliva" And you guess how many football inside to grab a chance to win a Lotus Car. Congratz to the lady who won! Was with Amelia, Hafez and Sam for the event. Met Nicholas Chay. And yeah, specially thanks to @Amelialing911 for fetching me because I know how it feel to be a driver. Really appreciate that