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Imperial Rama Thai-Chinese Cuisine @ Genting Highlands

Every time I went uphill to Genting Highlands, this Bakery shop with the name "Bakery" will always grab my attention with its breads. They just look so nice through the window. Yes, I was just back from Genting not long ago for a cool getaway with few other bloggers. #ThingThatGirlLike Out of surprise we were escorted to Genting with an Alphard. Thank you Genting! Warning: VIP treatment received =p It feel so awesome when someone drive you up to the hill while we mingles and chatting in the car. Magazines for you to read and mineral water whenever you need. It was a fast and smooth ride indeed =) Other awesome bloggers who departed together =D Ming , HuaiBin and EiLing Please don't compare my head with EiLing's, I know I know I can has big baby head that makes everyone's face look smaller lol. Oh between Shah, the nuffie was sitting in front joining us along this trip too! Before we check in the Maxims Hotel, we went for fine dining at Imperial Ram