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A&W What's Your Story Contest Final Winners!!

Harlo all, this post would be full of photos of A&W What's Your Story Contest Event . Why? Cos I like to take photo and share it~!! Glad to have photo with A&W Mascot, his name called Great Rot Bear Hunter bear ? make sure you have time to read my loooong post kay? I was there to accompany MsXeroz aka Nicole Chua And as a photographer for her and my blog too =D The event is kinda grand as lots of dining table were set up and decorated. Happy to have unlimited FREE A&W + multiple floats~! *sinful* Here is the stage Some of the dishes Nicole being interview in the day before final There are overall 10 contestants including both video and written category Mr Ewe Chor Teik bring along a lot of props when telling his story Rachel Beh 's very active performance That made the crowd laughed Nadia binti Mohamad Hatta has a very sweet smile when she present Nicole Chua presented with confidence *Might upload her on stage performance later* Norashikin Binti Abu Bakar is full

A&W What's Your Story Contest Winners

Today A&W What's Your Story Contest has come to an end!! Congratulation to all the top 10 winners including both Video and Written category~!! Winners for Written Category: 1st Prize Winner: Goh Lin Lin 2nd Prize Winner: Nadia binti Mohamad Hatta 3rd Prize Winner: Zukri Valenteno Consolation Prize Winner: Ewe Chor Teik and Norashikin Binti Abu Bakar Winners for Video Category: 1st Prize Winner: Thong Chern Yau 2nd Prize Winner: Chua Yi Ling 3rd Prize Winner: Beh Phaik In Consolation Prize Winner: Mohd Hafifi Bin Abu Bakar and Mohd Shafieq Bin Ishak Mr. Zukri Valenteno was so sporting as he wear his school uniform!! ;p Congratz to my buddy Nicole Chua(MsXeroz) and Rachel Beh(JingJing) for winning the 2nd and 3rd prizes~ Happy to take photo with A&W Mascot ;p *I need to cut my hair again =S* Stay tune for more photos of A&W What's Your Story contest at my Blog Facebook Fanpage~! It is fun to play with Helium balloons especially when it can ch