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Chris Bryan's Surfing Essence [Video Sunday]

So fast this weekend gonna be an end. Instead of updating blog as usual, decided to hang out with lovely girlfriend for a day. Having brunch together at Pasta Zanmai, shopping for my new shoes, almost bought a new shirt at G2000 but need to wait for bonus first. In the mean time walking inside Sunway Pyramid here and there doing limbs exercise. Went back to take a nap then have dinner at Bliss 33 Cafe. Everything seems happening so fast and I wonder if the precious moment were captured and portray in slow motion, would it be as nice as Chris Bryan's video below? Chris Bryan Films | Phantom Reel PS: You are advised to choose HD and let it buffer finish for best experience All images where shot with the Phantom HD Gold and Phantom Flex using Arri Ultra prime lenses and Chris Bryan Films custom underwater housing. Please visit his website Chris Bryan captures the essence of surfing: I