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【Review】Samsung Galaxy Note8 Dual-Cam Live Focus in Studio Photoshoot

As a photographer, dual-camera smartphone is already a must especially if you don't want to carry your DSLR around. Any new and upcoming smartphone with just one camera might find it hard to compare to phone with two 'eyes'. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung phones with two cameras (dual cameras) hence it will able to create the blur background image (we call it bokeh) with the combination of Wide Angle Lens and Zoom Lens. Just like the iPhone 7 Plus and certain Huawei smartphone. Now the question is, "Is Samsung Note 8 Dual Camera better than other dual-cam smartphone out there?" Just recently I was invited for Samsung Note 8 Mobile Photography Workshop by Michael Yeoh . That's where I got my first hand experience on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 even before it launch in Malaysia.    PS: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to launch in Malaysia on 21 Sep 2017 with Song JiHyo making special appearance at Pavilion KL !

Running Man Song Ji Hyo 송지효 is Coming to Malaysia Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch!! #송지효 #SongJiHyo #宋智孝

Running Man Song Ji Hyo  宋智孝  송지효 Coming to Malaysia Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch!! YESH!! As you all know, the most beautiful Running Man star Song Ji Hyo 宋智孝송지효 is coming to Malaysia for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch!! Who's excited?🎉 I will be there to cover the Note 8 launch in coming week so thought of sharing with all running-fans  too (especially JiHyo's awesome fans). According to Samsung Malaysia, you can stand a chance to get an exclusive poster . If you don't believe scroll down to see the video of JiHyo doing the announcement of she coming to Malaysia. Save the date: 21 Sep 2017 @ Pavilion KL  (10am) Tag and share with your Running Man friends!!   #송지효 #SongJiHyo #宋智孝 #마이컴퍼니 #myGalaxyNote8 #DoWhatYouCant PS:  To those of you who got class on that day, don't skip it okay? Study first, read my coverage and see the photos later!!

[Video] Running Man Race Season 2 Malaysia: Fun Games, Live Music & Concert!

Running Man Race Season 2 Live In Malaysia: Games, Music & Concert *This photo credit to organizer* Yesterday Running Man did a great show in Malaysia by inviting lucky fans up on stage and play games together. Before that they did an opening song with "You are my destiny" and shared with Malaysia fans their personal stories and specialties in Running Man. Here are some video recorded and just a sneak peek for you to see what had happened in Malaysia's Running Man Race Season 2 #RaceStartMY . Hope you will like these videos!! Running Man Race Start Season 2 - Malaysia #RaceStartMY