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If I am Ip Man master, I would …

If I am Ip Man master, I would open up a challenge for all people who want to challenge me on Gladiator fight! No worries, this Ip Man master got provide you safety helmet and everything else. So you won't really get hurt at all, at most you will only get sweaty. TianChad - The Ip Man Master with Bomberman version *Noticed how I wear the cap? I am so good to make fun of myself =S* MsXeroz - The Malaysia's Lady Gaga came up and PK However, she was not my first opponent and lose in one KO *wahaha* As a return of daring yourself came up to PK, the one who lose will get the beautiful ladies to spray Gatsby Perfume Deodorant for you. No sweat and no bad smell! Great right? Haha! So, what's the real Ip Man 2 about?? Watch the trailer below~! Sypnosis After his victory over the Japanese General in Foshan, Ip Man moves to Hong Kong. He sets up a martial arts school to teach Wing Chun. Here, he is challenged by other kung fu masters, including Sifu Hu