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[Photo] Japanese Film Festival 2015 x GSC Malaysia @ Pavilion KL

Japanese Film Festival 2015 x GSC Malaysia @ Pavilion KL It was an honour that GSC Malaysia decided to hire me for my photography service again after their grand winning in Putra Brand Awards 2015 . They like the photos so I was there to shoot for their Japanese Film Festival 2015 at GSC Pavilion KL the other day. It was my first Japanese Film Festival and I gotta say I really love the movie Kakekomi directed by Masato Harada. Always good to meet talented people who can create creative motion images =) It was good to see Ms Koh Mei Lee and Linora Low in Kimono too. I heard it took them at least 30-45 minutes to wear it well and the color/design represent different age group. I really can't wait to visit Japan this coming November!! Below are some event photos that I thought would like to share with you guys. If you love my style of event photography, call me up!  Sky Arts Production - "Capture Precious Moments"