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Easy Win @ PIDM Project MoneySmart Online Game

Still remember the PIDM Project Money Smart Online Game that I shared before? Now I am going to share more about the game. I find it very educational teaching youngsters how to handle their money in a virtual world. This will provides benefits for them to handle their real money in coming day. I have learned more about PIDM and some virtual training on how I should handle my money in coming days. Went through the 5 stages of life: Start Work, Dating, Marriage, Kids and Golden Age. Guess which stage I am in now? ;p This is me during my "Golden Age" and I am ready to retire soon. Since I am the first timer on this game I didn't manage to get to the list of "World's Richest People". You still can play again to do it better. PIDM Project MoneySmart Online Game also taught me certain thing about working life. "Remember, going on dates means spending money" ;p Do you know there is Income Tax Rebate as long the tax liability on your income is less t

PIDM & Project MoneySmart Online Game

Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia [ PIDM ] is a Government agency entrusted to administer the deposit insurance system in Malaysia. Where as PIDM Project MoneySmart Online game is a platform that let you play and helps you learn more about how to keep saving/investment properly at the same time. So why the MoneySmart Online Game? It is not only a game but also an education programme to teach student the wisdom of saving and take control of their finance. This is me playing the game and learning new saving knowledge at the same time. There is some mini game along the stages of life and you gotta play well to get/save some money This is challenging, feeding the babies =S Through my experience, this online game is able to teaches players to learn about PIDM, financial intelligence, saving in PIDM member bank in a fun way. You don't have to study plain and boring text book to learn the wisdom of saving and take control of their finance. Not to forget about they are rewarding t