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Sodagreen Music Concert @ Sungai Wang 苏打绿 夏/狂熱 音樂會

Woots now only I share about Sodagreen's Music Concert @ 苏打绿 夏/狂熱 音樂會 happening at Sungai Wang, Malaysia. Hope I am not too late sharing the photos and video =) Firstly, thanks WenHong for the ticket This guy already testing the music instrument since 3PM when I arrived Sungai Wang Then the Nokia UFO is just beside the stage. They succesfully create a hoax during that time Has been queuing up since 4pm/5pm. The sky was sunny Since nothing to do, I try to spot some good looking passerby, wtf This is Ah Wee a fans of Sodagreen And we make new friends while queuing up You can buy CD on the spot Or write wishes for all Sodagreen member The fans are so good at create this handmade card! Another group photo, this time I am inside =D My hair was still yellow that time At last we are allowed to get into the small space. Then people start looking outside on the bridge Tada, they are coming in that car! My FM Royce found somebody's skarf on the stage The sky starting to rain, than

[Preview] SodaGreen Music Night @ Malaysia 蘇打綠 夏/狂熱音樂會

Thanks to my friend WenHong who invited me for 蘇打綠.夏/狂熱音樂會 Sodagreen Music Night . Although there is a rain and we might get "Fever" (Same as the new album's name), I still enjoy the awesome performance from them!! Took 2,000++ pictures (using compact camera, quality not so extreme, therefore trying my lucks to get nice pictures with burst shot. D90 come to me~! ) and gotta select the best few to posted on a more detailed post. I randomly select two pictures for this post. Sodagreen - 青峰, 馨儀, 家凱 & 小威 Individual shoot for 阿福 Woohoo, Sodagreen first time in Malaysia! Thanks bloodbubble for the clear video - "小情歌" =) 「夏/狂熱」 @ Fever For fans out there, remember support their new album ya! Stay tuned for more photo and deep in stories from . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyone has friends who open a camera shop selling DSLR? I hoping to buy a Nikon D90 at their best price with your help. Do you know the market price and mind recommend so