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My Body Secrets - My Looking Good Secrets

On one Saturday, I went to My Body Secrets for the second time as I am going to have my facial there. Last few weeks I was there with Nicole for her first ever Body Treatment. You can read about it here.

One of the flower bunch to celebrate My Body Secrets grand opening

When I reach there I was welcomed by their beautician and she bring me into this room. A room specially for a relaxing facial treatment.

You will able to relax laying on the bed along with the dim candle lights. The room was brighten now for a clearer picture.

First of all, the beautician Mary checking my face and see which kind of treatment is suitable for my skin. Since I always sleep late and didn't take care of my diet, I was diagnosed with severe skin condition. So the first thing she do is do a basic cleansing for my face and do her trick to remove the blackhead, whitehead or whatever it is from my skin.

I do feel pain when she is trying to remove the dirt from my face, this is teaching me to always take care of my face and try not to sleep late again. Glad that Mary always asked if I can tolerate the pain and giving me chance to have a rest. No worries, it doesn't as pain as needle sting.

After that, my face was treated using a kind of anti-bacteria device. It emits scary electric al sounds but seriously it doesn't harm you.

It was used to kill the bacteria and "zip-zap" is the word to describe the sound. It only emit lights when it touched your skin.

After removing blackheads+whiteheads from my skin, my face have red spots that need to be soothed. Therefore she helps me put on a calming mask.

"V" pose for having the first ever big mask on my face
[Thx Cheryl for taking all the pictures]

This is the most relaxing moment during doing a facial. You can have a rest or even sleep and snoring inside. [Just kidding]

After the treatment I feel refreshed and all thanks to My Body Secrets for that. Not only you've helps me look better but you've also give me advice on how to take care of my body by having healthier lifestyle.

The beauticians in My Body Secrets - Yuki, Cheryl and Mary

Here is the contact details of My Body Secrets

Remember, it is not only woman's right to be looking good, men also can! Therefore, courtesy of My Body Secrets, I am giving out FREE Body Treatment Voucher worth RM388 for all readers of TianChad.com.

How to win? Just tell me a reason why you want to have this by commenting on this blog post. That's all you need to do to get the voucher~!

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