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Fitter Faster Stronger Starts From Within - Bootcamp @ KLCC Park

Bootcamp at KLCC Park - Maxis Health Engagement Programme "Fitter, Faster and Stronger." We all heard it before but this is the first time I see a telco company practicing the motto within themselves through Maxis Health Engagement Programme.  I was interested to see how their bootcamp works and Maxis was happy to let me join their bootcamp session which will be held at KLCC Park on every alternate working day (Mon, Wed, Fri). I am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by going to gym to workout or swimming from time to time, but sometimes I just don't have that motivation especially when I am doing it alone. From this bootcamp, I can see that they are going through this journey as a team and the spirit is there to keep them going. Even when the weather turned bad, they were still standing strong to complete the bootcamp session. I was well prepared with my exercise outfit but got chicken out last minute because it started to rain. (I don't know