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Blythe Doll @ 旭茉 Jessica Magazine

Was at the party of 旭茉 Jessica Magazine helping out Nigel Sia doing videography. If you are looking for wedding/event videographer, find Nigel Sia ! Check out his works there! This is the Blythe Doll that was designed and dressed by Villiam Ooi The combination of traditional fashion and inspiration through Jessica Magazine Yise Loo 羅憶詩 was being interviewed as part of the event video. Do you feel that she a bit looks like a doll? Let see if I have time to process some random taken photos~ PS: This is a short post for Saturday as more efforts was put into the next upcoming post. Stay tuned! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? Thanks~! You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =)