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Discover Perak with Xandra Ooi & Chef Julie Song on Asian Food Channel

Malaysian food aficionados will be excited to know that the Asian Food Channel will be premiering a brand new series – Discover Perak , on Monday 22 August at 8pm! This exclusive regional premiere of the new Malaysian travelogue series features Malaysiaʼs beautiful and charismatic host, Xandria Ooi , as she goes on a gastronomic search for great food and unique specialties and exciting activities in the state of Perak in Malaysia. Asian Food Channel premieres Discover Perak with Xandra ooi featuring Chef Julie Song Follow Xandria and her long-time friend and award-winning chef, Julie Song , as they travel around Perak, Malaysia , allowing viewers to experience the majestic landscape in a whole new light while searching for tantalizing food and fun activities. On their journey, both ladies will learn more about the amazing traditional cuisine Perak has to offer, as well as interact with extraordinary local characters that will add a little spice to the show. The preview wa