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Ming Ren Restaurant Lamb Specialties @ Highlands Hotel

Harlo people, I hope you have already eaten before continue to read my post =) Courtesy of Genting and Nuffnang , a few Highlanders (including me) were given a chance to experience the delicious Chinese Cuisine available at Genting Highlands, including a 2 days 1 night stay at Theme Park Hotel too! Thanks to Genting, we took a bus from Wisma Genting all the way up to Genting Highlands. It was a safe and comfortable ride. We head to Ming Ren Restaurant immediately after we arrived! Ming Ren Chinese Cuisine food tasting together with Wendy, Max and Daniel "Ming Ren is a gourmet restaurant that specializes in authentic Xinjiang-style cuisine and Chinese fine dining . Xinjiang literally translates into "New Frontier" or "New Boundary"; likewise, Ming Ren Restaurant is dedicated to opening up new frontiers in exquisite culinary experiences while pushing the boundaries of taste and luxury." A little sneak peek of the interior, that ca