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"Baby, there's grasshopper on my head! HELP!"

Just now, while I was doing my work on my laptop, I heard my girlfriend who was blowing dry her hairs shouted "Baby, there is a grasshopper on my head! Help me!" So I thought... What so big deal as I thought it was this tiny little cricket  that I saw just now (as picture below) who landed on her hair. Tiny little cricket who was suspected to create that #havoc So I went to her without my glasses and try to console her that the "grasshopper" has flew away. Furthermore, why the hell would a grasshopper come and visit us at night except cricket? She even hugged me, asked me to confirm that the "grasshopper" has been removed from her lion hair-style (cos blow dry half way hahaha). After a while she went back continue to blow her hair, but shouted again when she saw this near the lamps... "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Babyyyy~" So it is real HAHAHA What a beautiful grasshopper visited us at night.  That's the moment I de