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Cadbury Sharing Happiness. My First Video!

Cadbury Dairy Milk , a familiar name that you will know if you are a chocolate lover. Was called by a friend to help Cheeserland in her Sharing-Happiness-video casting. Since it is a new stuff to try out and can help a friend, why not? There goes my "virgin" of acting in a video where there are multiple cameras with numerous spot lights pointing on you. The shooting venue: Big Brother Restaurant & Grill that offering western cuisine & catering Can spot how many spot lights are there in this scene? Ringo would like to have a Cheesie-colored Orange Juice Red hair with red handbag. Fashionista! We took turn in recording the video and sometime you just gotta assume she is doing something and you should have the correct response. I can has a magical bag where I can get everything I want including a HUGE Gas Tank! Please pay attention to Ringo's facial expression after I pulled it out wahaha. There was a paper toss scene too where I was being thrown the