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Golden Palm Tree Getaway @ 2011.11.11

Miao~ Here's an over exposed photo of the long tail cat at Sepang Bagan Lalang beach. Me and Wern went to Golden Palm Tree after I won Golden Palm Tree 1st Anniversary contest . Glad that they allow us to visit GPT on a special day. Went to Smiley Beach to take some photos. Model behind the flowers Baywatch models are still there. You can read some of the photo post here during my #MSS2011 Tour: Fun Water Sport @ Golden Palm Tree Smiley Beach & Cycling Tour Golden Palm Tree Low Tide Tour & Golden Sunset Malaysian Night Seafood Galore @ Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom + Supper! Model of the day: Wern and Churpie-Churp 'Photoshoot' in progress A kid that playing on the sand during low tide. *smile* 2011.11.11 @ Golden Palm Tree The golden sunset Congratz to all couples who registered/getting married on 11th November 2011 including my friend. Thanks Golden Palm Tree for the breakaway! Feel free to read my older post below!! Hope you guys enjoy your weekend and .

Exciting Eco Adventure @ Awana Genting Long House

[Next Post: Pasar Ikan Bakar Seafood Barbeque & Blind Trail @ Awana Genting Long House ] After breakfast we MSS Bloggers took a group photo at the lobby of Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa . Thanks Raja Hilmy , the Mass Comm manager of GPT who always accompany us during these two days. Please spot the GM of GPT in this picture =) Saying goodbye to my comfy bed in room No. 506. Next time I wanna bring my whole family and stay in a bigger villa! Sure its fun! You can read my previous review of Canary Palm Villa . I dreamed of the seafood galore we had last night @ Malaysian Night Dinner, including their colourful desserts too. Saying bye bye to this infinity swimming pool. I didn't manage to dip myself in this pool yet, but I will surely jump into it during my next visit~! =D Took a photo with Pascal Prigent , the General Manager of Golden Palm Tree before we left. Between, this is Rizma , a blogger from Indonesia that read MsXeroz and my blog since MSS2010 . Thanks

Malaysian Night Seafood Galore @ Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom + Supper!

[Next Post: Exciting Eco Adventure @ Awana Genting Long House ] MSS Bloggers were invited to join the Malaysian Night Dinner @ Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom and it was a seafood galore moment~! Even the desserts were colourful & attractive enough to make you drool! Journey to Golden Palm Tree MSS2011 Travel | *Press play and paused, finish the post then only watch this for best experience!* If you missed out the sunset @ Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa, feel free to visit my blog post about Golden Palm Tree Low Tide Tour & sunset view . Barbeque and grilled seafood were served just outside the ballroom. Almost every section has a chef ready to serve us. Various kind of seafood served together in a wok. It is not a usual wok that you see. The steel wok was this huge!! =D Thanks Dian for the pose~ These were my starters. Satay, Ikan Haruan, Prawn, Green Mussels, Crab +++ *burp* The Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom is so spacious that it can fit many people