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Melody x Azmie | Dancing In The City #SkyArtsPro

Melody x Azmie | Dancing In The City I still remember it was a random photography outing in September that I got myself into. Gary has been planning this with Melody for months and I was like "okay let's just go there kacau to shoot something different" .  I brought along girlfriend to the shoot in KL and the first location was at the parking lot near Pavilion KL. Gary was doing his 'Architecture x Dance' 4th Series featuring Melody and Azmie while I just shooting from the side warming up myself. I was trying to capture something like Gary did but after looking back at the photo series, it seems like I tends to capture more on those candid moments happened between the really-not-easy-dance posing shots.  Gotta say thanks to Melody Tee and Azmie Zanal Abdden for thinking all sorts of dance moves and poses while we composite the photos. I gotta say it was definitely not easy to do all those poses and hold it for as long as they can. I can really

Khenobu x Lego Sam | Astro Battleground 2014 Final @ Mega Star Arena #throwback

Astro Battleground 2014 Winners Since I got photography assignment early morning in the weekend, I guess I will be missing the live final battle of Asian Battleground 2015 《亚洲舞极限2015》 ... but no worries as I will support Malaysia crews in this battle!! Below are some throwback photos taken during Astro Battleground 2014. This time featuring Khenobu and Lego Sam during their team dance and PK at the end.  The feelings of need to battle with brother for the trophy was really something that night. I still remember that.

8TV Final Showdown 2010 @ KL Live Centre

Arrived KL Live Centre for Final Showdown 2010 around 7PM ++ and it has already full with people. There were 8TV Crews there to give out freebies like Vitagen, VIP Tickets, magazines. They are damn semangat!! Even parents with baby also was here to support the event. Shh, don't talk so loud... TuXoon was one of the winners who get FREE VIP Passes from here and he did enjoy the live show =D *There are actually people who want to buy VIP Passes for showdown you know?! Thanks LG for the free tickets .* Yay manage to meet ZherPeen in person and take photo with her ;p That night was the Final Showdown of Giller Battle Crew, Floor Fever and Wakaka Crew on 8TV . Broadcast live in KL Life Centre. Hafiz Hatim is the emcee Nowadays our society has widely accepted guy who dressed like girl, even if he looks not pretty enough. PS: Only for show and performance ar Here is the video of Wakaka Crews doing Waka Waka dance . Kinda creative with the flying down. Below are some of the perform

Glee FlashMob Rehearsal | RandamAlphabets

Okay, straight to the point, I was there at Glee FlashMob rehearsal in Garden Ballroom just now. Early birds are getting more and more after I arrived. Participated in both session but left earlier a bit because wanna blog about this =) First, to break the ice, you gotta get yourself a color name tag. They actually assign us into different groups by refer to the colour. So if you wanna stay with your friends and dance along. Choose the same color yo! But for it to be more challenging and get to know more friends, choose the different colour! I dare you! ;p Had a little briefing by Zaid from RandamAlphabets . Christ, Andy, Angelie, Khalil were there. We are now all the Early Glee-Birds dancing around! *sounds wrong* Here's a short video during the rehearsal before we all practice the same dance move =) GleeFlashMob Rehearsal @ Garden | RandomAlphabets Thanks guys for preparing drinking water for all of us. I ordered a set of Thai Fried Rice at Garden's Food Court after 2-3