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Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 @ Chuai Heng Banquet Hall #XINHAI

【VLOG】Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 #XINHAI It was 侒旅游 Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 at Chuai Heng Banquet Hall , Kuala Lumpur. First time attend their annual dinner, and there were these huge and juicy chicken drumsticks being served during the dinner. 到底是 Baki 还是 May Ho吃相最吸引你呢? Airlink Travel Managing Director, Mr. Roger Hia giving speech during annual dinner 2018 Check out the short video above. It is hashtagged #XinHai for a reason haha! If you've liked this video, remember to Like and Share it around! It helps a lot! =D Subscribe for more videos.

Wedding Dinner @ Restaurant LTP Melaka: Ryan & Fion

Wedding Dinner @ Restaurant LTP Melaka Congratz to Fion and Ryan again! At my current age, receiving "wedding bomb" has become a norm because almost everyone is getting married at this age before they heading to the next stage - To Have A Happy Family. Fion is my secondary school friend and I am glad that I can attend her wedding and give her blessing =) This wedding dinner was held at Restaurant L.T.P. Sdn Bhd which has relocated to Malacca City. [How I wish they have better name as Lin Tsen Pan definitely sound better] Restaurant L.T.P. Sdn Bhd has a huge hall with tall roof and they have a stage for band performance as well. This restaurant can easily fit 30++ dining tables if you plan to have a wedding dinner at Melaka. The food that was served that night was overall nice. The only bad thing about this place is the annoying mosquitoes that flying around and floating on top of guest's head. [Probably because it is located nearby Melaka's river]

Astro CNY Dinner 2013 @ Oversea Restaurant [Jaya One]: I Won RM300!

Happy Ulala 2013 - Before you continue reading, I would like to wish you all (especially you who keep dropping by to this space for new updates) have an awesome Ulala year ahead, if SPM this year get all As, if working become richer this year and stay healthy+happy as always. Hopefully you like my blog+photos and support Sky Arts Production - My Photography Page. Thank you Astro for inviting me to their annual Chinese New Year Dinner at Oversea Restaurant @ Jaya One . It was fun to be here again, better traffic compared to last year. If you wonder how was the food in Oversea Restaurant, it was all taste good, just that the waiter and waitress act a bit slow while serving the food. I guess they were all exhaousted during the CNY season~  Astro 2013 CNY Dinner Menu  I like the chicken dish and sea cucumber with broccoli dishes the most. Other bloggers who attended the dinner that night includes KY, Haze Long, SaiMatKong and MsXeroz =D KY and Haz