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NuffnangX - Stalk Your Favourite Blogger on Mobile Devices

  Harlo people, guess what we are holding! Each of us have a unique NuffnangX Pendrive that contain the top secret which is about to reveal on 18th September (which is today) to the public. We are the first few bloggers who were invited to test out NuffnangX - Social Blog Stalking Mobile Applications . Such an honour ;p Each of us have our customized NuffnangX Cardholder-looks-Pendrive with our unique blog URL! Awesome bloggers who were invited to the secret launch of NuffnangX Really happy to be 1 out of 80 bloggers around the world to test out this new mobile application for both iPhone and Android users. Let's hear what Timothy Tiah have to say about Nuffnang X. Timothy Tiah - One of the cofounder of Nuffnang Tim was sharing about how blogging and social media has evolved but nothing like NuffnangX has been created. Nowadays people use their mobile devices to do all the social sharing including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp and many mo