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Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 @ Chuai Heng Banquet Hall #XINHAI

【VLOG】Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 #XINHAI It was 侒旅游 Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 at Chuai Heng Banquet Hall , Kuala Lumpur. First time attend their annual dinner, and there were these huge and juicy chicken drumsticks being served during the dinner. 到底是 Baki 还是 May Ho吃相最吸引你呢? Airlink Travel Managing Director, Mr. Roger Hia giving speech during annual dinner 2018 Check out the short video above. It is hashtagged #XinHai for a reason haha! If you've liked this video, remember to Like and Share it around! It helps a lot! =D Subscribe for more videos.

80 TOP MALAYSIA CELEBRITIES @ THE FEEL GOOD RUN 2013! Here's the name-list!

Get ready for the Feel Good Run 2013!! 7 July at Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama Participating in a public run is something that all runners enjoy doing in the morning as they share feel good moments with their family and friends. Not only is it a meeting point for old and new friends to come together, the Feel Good Run 2013 – scheduled to be held on 7 July at Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama – is a place where fans get to meet and run with their favourite local celebrities. ntv7 Feel Good Run 2013: 80 Celebrities #dogoodfeelgood @ Sri Pentas on 7 July #ntv7fgr  With over 80 celebrities who will be joining the charity fun run this year, fans will be able to spend a longer time running alongside with their favourite celebrities in the 7KM route as compared to the 3KM celebrities category last year. As ntv7 celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, the Feel Good Run 2013 establishes a strong variety line-up of celebrities in the country. For the complete list of the participat