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LUXY New Dance Club @ Sri Hartamas

Last month, was invited by SimonSeow to attend the soft launch of new dance club at Sri Hartamas - LUXY . If you are a night party monsters, then you should continue read this, pictures are enough to tell the stories =) Here are some of the available liquor, which I am noob enough of not knowing any of them. [ARDMORE, LAPHROAIG(how to pronounce this?), THE MACALLAN, HIGHLAND PARK, THE GLENROTHES] Was given free Heineken(s) for the whole night. Colourful isn't it? =) LUXY wasn't that big compared to other club. But they do have wide and comfortable couch area for a big bunch of friends to hang out together. Example, Birthday party celebration? Too bad I am not that type of guy who like to celebrate birthday at club =) Simon can hang out with a group of French Maid at LUXY. See him so happy lol Now you see there are Black Label, Glenmorangie, Hennessy and Swing . Yes you can have it at LUXY =) That night DJ Dylan from KL, DJ Geri from Kuching & DJ Mi