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Win A Trip to Tokyo with NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Asian Design Contest [Vote 4 Me]

NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Bloggers Sharing Session @ Nescafe Beautiful Office Building the other day Courtesy of NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Malaysia , me together with many bloggers buddies were invited for a coffee sharing session. It is about a chance for you to win a fully sponsored trip to Tokyo and get your arts design become well known all around the world. The best thing is still about your chosen design will be printed and produced + selling as limited edition coffee machine !! That's really awesome you know!! Check out the contest and one of my design entry  HERE . *VOTE ME* Together with awesome blogger friends!  I am sure you can name them all!! It's your chance to design the special edition NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Machine & Win A Trip to Tokyo Do you want to add a personal touch to the Genio machine? Design your machine and take part in the 1st Asian Design Contest or VOTE for your favourite design . TWO finalists will be selected to represent Malaysi

'KEEP CALM AND CHOMP' ft Evil Minion

Keep Calm and Chomp - Evil Minion Chomper Good Sunday to everybody =) Since I recently obsessed with Despicable Me 2's cute minions . I've brought little Evil Minion Chomper around for some photoshoot session while doing location scouting. Here's a sunrise image of moody evil minion chomper. You may want to check out my comic post featuring Tim Giggling, Tom Googly Eyes Grabber and the Evil Minion HERE  Created this 'Keep Calm and Chomp' poster featuring the Evil Minion this time (Got it from McDonald Happy Meal of course haha) when I went to scout for new photoshoot location in the morning with friends. Hope you love it as much as I do and share with your friends~ All you need to do is just give credit to @tianchad on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter ++  Thanks ya~ Evil Minion may looks evil, but he can look handsome too with the bokehs. He is actually enjoying the morning sunrise *just saying* PS: You can easily create your Keep Calm And... Poster at this web

PETRONAS KLCC Twin Towers CNY Decoration 2013 - The Lantern

PETRONAS Twin Towers 2013 Chinese New Year Decoration Last Saturday I was at KLCC to attend PETRONAS's CNY Charity Pledging Campaign launch. It was a great reason to stay longer as they have this huge Chinese Lantern constructed at the middle of the concierge hall. Above view is the picture captured from 1st floor (if count from base). This year's CNY decoration looks really simple with just a huge lantern in the middle of the hall. However, if you have notice the lights from all the floors will blink after certain times. I am not sure if it is part of the design but it was nice to see those lights blinking like flashlights! KLCC Twin Towers 2013 Chinese New Year Decoration Here's a closer look. Since Fish eye lens was used I was placing my camera at the border of the railing. Sometimes you must take some risk to take better photos. However, remember to wind the camera strap around your hand for security purpose, you don't wanna see your camera drop all the