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Penny Tai Won PWH Media Choice Award

Taiwan based local multi-talented singer Penny Tai ’s music further recognized at the PWH Music Awards held at Arena Star, Genting Highlands. Hailed from Johor the tiny girl won herself six and half awards, among them were Local Top 10 Original Songs , International Top 10 Original Songs and Best Local Original Composition ! She also won the Media Choice Award for her continuous work in music field. The Media Choice Award is a prestigious award nominated and awarded by local media. With this meaningful award, she has created a new record as the first singer whom won for two consecutive terms! The event attended by Michael Wong, Jess Lee, Penny Tai, Manhand, Ken Lau, Will Ng and many more.  Penny Tai Won PWH Media Choice Award =)   Penny said in full emotion as she delivered thank-you speech: “It is a great honour to receive Media Choice Award as is a symbol of recognition for my work of music and other areas related to it. My deep love, burning passion and enthusiasm f

Jess Lee 李佳薇 @ Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 + 煎熬

Have you heard of Jess Lee 李 佳薇 new song called 煎熬 ? Before that I would like to share concert photos taken during Jess Lee live performance at Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 . Why so late only share her photos? God knows why ;p Jess Lee 李佳薇 @ Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 My favourite photo with good lighting on her~ Jess Lee 李佳薇 @ Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 *Fling hair* Jess Lee 李佳薇 walking with confidence Jess Lee 李佳薇 "Hey boy" Jess Lee 李佳薇 thanking everyone for supporting her throughout the whole contest journey I still remember this!! Jess Lee walking out with her dancers and waving to the fans Spotlight +++ Jess Lee with colourful lighting Jess Lee singing with emotion What do you think about Jess Lee 李佳薇's outfit? A very bright smile from Jess Lee 李佳薇 Another favourite photo of mine Jess Lee 李佳薇 feeling sad? "早知道 你只是飛鳥" "擁抱後 手中只剩下 羽毛" "當初你又何必浪費" "那麼多咖啡和玫瑰 來打擾" Jess Lee getting stronger

超級星光大道Jess Lee李佳薇-"勇敢"的满分赢着"回家"

超級星光大道 李佳薇-勇敢 About 李佳薇 Jess Lee: 昵称:铁肺女王 国籍:马来西亚 "不认识我,会觉得我樣子很骄傲。认识了我,会看到我傻傻的笑臉。跟我熟了,其实我是你好朋友。我不敢说自己热爱音乐,我只是爱唱歌~喜欢被聆听的感觉~" Jess Lee李佳薇 sang this song 张惠妹的“勇敢@Brave” in Taiwan Superstar Avenue 超級星光大道 with full emotions and managed to grab everyone's including judges' heart. 勇敢@Brave helps her get full marks 30/30 points! Let's listen to the song below. Jess Lee李佳薇-勇敢 ( 张惠妹) with invertiews and judge opinion Jess Lee李佳薇-勇敢 ( 张惠妹) [song only] 李佳薇30分至 喜极而泣 Jess Lee 's tears of joy after got her first 30 points full marks! "今天一覺醒來,覺得自己昨晚好像發了一場夢..多少人的祝福,多少人的肯定,讓我更勇敢地走下去...2個30分,真的讓我很難想像,真的很感恩....真的很謝謝我家人的支持,工作人員給我的意見,陶子姐&評審老師們的肯定,樂隊老師燈光師的配合,幫了我超多的叮噹姐,還有支持我的朋友們,佳薇會繼續加油,希望總決賽的表演會讓你們覺得更棒!!!+薇+油!!!!!!" I like her attitude of appreciating everyone who giving comments to her singing talent, fans who support her and music teacher that help her get one step further to achieve her dream. Do remember her name Jess Lee 李佳薇 “佳薇!! 你