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TC featured on Sisters Magazine September Issue 姐妹九月号

Finally I've decided to post this up. Courtesy of Sisters Magazine 姐妹杂志 , I am really honored to be featured in Sisters' September Issue in Lifestyle Category 生活专题 . Best thing is I am in the same issue with Tavia Yeung 杨怡 on the cover hahaha *syiok sendiri* TianChad first time featured in a Chinese Magazine - Sisters September Issue  This is my first time being featured on a Chinese Female Magazine =) Thanks to a friend who did a write up about me and showcase some of the photos I've shared with them. The magazine featured article is in Chinese, talking about how I see and capture the beauty of London through my camera. TianChad - Featured on Sisters magazine September Issue *click to enlarge* Honestly, I have tons more photos taken during my London trip that I haven't share it out... Cos... I am not sure if you guys are interested... Anyhow, below are some photos featured on Sister Magazine: When I was chilling at the park, I saw a lo