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【旅游】Top 20 Things To Do in KunMing China 20件昆明一定要去的景点和做的事

TOP 20 THINGS TO DO IN KUNMING CHINA AND PLACES TO VISIT 20件在昆明一定要去的景点和做的事 Kunming 昆明  is the first part of China I have visited and I gotta say I am amazed with what the nature has to give and how the little human touch can make that scenic place even more enormous and magnificent. Although certain place are pretty crowded with tourist due to their 4A Grade travel locations, you will still able to find the quiet place to enjoy the similar (or better) view. I will share Top 20 things to do in Kunming from my recent 4D3N trip to Kunming with Airasia . #VacaywithAirasia #AirAsiaKunming Time was very limited but I believe you won't believe the amount of places we have covered within this short period of time. Let's have a look at the list below and I will elaborate more with pictures: Top 20 Things To Do In KunMing 20件在昆明一定要去的景点和做的事 昆明旧街区 KunMing Old Street 昆明金马碧鸡坊 JinMa Biji Historic Site 云南民族村 Yunnan Nationalities Village 换上云南民族服装拍照Try out the local outfit

Inspiration or Plagiarism? #TCRandom

昆明圆通寺 YuanTong Temple in KunMing City Social media has been changing so quick that sometimes I feel like I can't keep up with the speed. Sometimes I just wonder if I should just continue follow their rules and play the game? Or just stop chasing after what seems to be the right thing that everyone going after.  For example, the sky looks so dramatic in the picture above but does it really represent what we saw in real life? The original photos is actually with overcast sky and it looks dull with blank white space on top. Photoshop and even mobile apps nowadays can easily replace the sky for you with just a few steps. That's how IT nowadays change the games and standard on what is so called a good image.