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Philips AquaTouch AT750 [Full Review] Should you get one?

Philips AquaTouch AT 750   Talking about shaving, it is not something that bother me everyday (yet as I am still growing up at this age! Believe it or not HAHAHA), therefore among all three models of Philips AquaTouch ( AT750 , AT890 and AT940 ) I really thinks that AT750- the most basic model is is already enough for me. Philips AquaTouch Electric Shaver has 3 different models: Philips AquaTouch AT750 : Super Lift Cut with flexing heads - RM 199 Philips AquaTouch AT890 : Dual  Precision Blades with flexing heads - RM 259 Philips AquaTouch AT940 : Tripletrack Blades with Pivoting Heads - RM 399 How is it different from the conventional shavers? Well, the main difference between Philips AquaTouch and the conventional shaver is this electric shaver is 100% waterproof (I've tried it out by dipping it inside the basin full of water) and even the most basic model has the Super Lift and Cut technology that provides you a smooth shaving that's optimized for both ge

The Horror Story of a Shaver Girlfriend #Philips50Shaves

For today post, I am suppose to get a member of the opposite sex to help me shave with the AquaTouch AT750 Electric Shaver. Well, courtesy of friend's idea we did a "horror" video instead. No worries, no animals were harmed in this video. Just that I am losing my little moustache... The evil girlfriend The Horror Story of a Shaver Girlfriend #Philips50Shaves  I was worry at first as I've never let my girlfriend shave for me, but to fight the fear and play it safe, I let her use my Philips AquaTouch AT750 electric shaver instead of the traditional blade. In the end I survived! All thanks to Philips Aquatouch's Super Lift&Cut and Flexing heads that gave me a smooth and clean shave. I am happy with it and so is my girlfriend! Okay I gotta go, she try to shave my leg this time...*just kidding* PS: Thanks to Nicole, the camera girl and YiWern, my 'evil' gf for helping me doing this short video. Hope you guys had fun laughing at

My Shaving Style and Tips Using Philips Aqua Touch AT750 #Philips50Shaves

Philips Aqua Touch AT750 with Super Lift and Cut shaving technology   Hello people, here's me sharing about Philips Aqua Touch AT750 . When you look at the shaver head above, does it reminds you on any part of the Transformer Movie? For me it looks like the Driller, Decepticon but safe to move around your face hahaha. You don't need to worry if this shaver will hurt your face as its rounded low-friction protection heads adjust to the curves of your face to limit skin damage . My Shaving Style To be honest, my shaving style is very simple as I don't grow that much facial hair . The downside would be having less style that I can play with my moustache; the good side would be saving the time on grooming everyday before I go out. So all I always do now is to shave away the excess facial hair around my face and neck while keep the facial hairs between my nose and lips. (You shall wait to see my sexy (cough) and manly (cough cough) look in next post hahaha)

Sexy Unboxing of Philips Aquatouch AT750 #Philips50Shaves

Philips Aqua Touch AT750 Sexy Unboxing Video #Philips50Shaves  All right, since today 21.12.12 so called dooms day didn't happen and I heard Hansen Lee & Xandra Ooi sharing about Philips Aquatouch Waterproof Electric Shaver on Capital FM just now, I am sharing this 'sexy' unboxing video of the shaver  WARNING: Watch it with discreet!    Philips AquaTouch: To Shave or not to Shave? #Philips50Shaves You may want  to read more on what happened during my briefing about this cool device with Kuah JenHan. The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2012 Finale [Photos/Videos] I shall get the hottest hunks to do the unboxing video for you girls next time =) Anyway, today IS the dooms day for all the glutinous rice ball I am eating today! Hope you are going back hometown and celebrate it with your family members like I do! Click to vote for us daily! For the cute bear too ya Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with yo

[Tips] How To Be A Modern Man - What TC say

How to be a modern man? One would ask when he want to be a better person to become more charming/knowledgeable. As for me, I do certain things to make myself a better person: - Become a Better Man here 1. Visit  I stumble upon this website through a blogger friend's recommendation and it is one of the best channel for you to learn how to be a better man. I would say is an almost complete website that talking about health, sports, tips for grooming and not neglecting the latest issue/trend that one modern man shouldn't miss. PS: They do provide tips for dating and sex too for you to wow the opposite sex Men's health, Men's Uno and Digital Camera 2. Buy and read Men's magazine to keep updated with latest info/news Every month I will buy men's magazine such as Men's Health , Men's Uno and not forgetting some photography magazines to increase my knowledge and also skills. Through Men's Health I'

Philips AquaTouch: To Shave or not to Shave? #Philips50Shaves

"Does TianChad really need a shaver?"  If you ask me 5 years ago, no I don't need it at all. I wonder if I should consider myself unlucky/lucky because I only start growing more facial hair compared to last time. The bad thing is I have one less thing to show my manliness and a chance to style my "rare moustache"; the good thing is I don't need to shave everyday to make myself looks fresh! Hahaha. I guess all thanks to my genes? PS: Thanks to papa and mama. Selected for "50 shaves of the Modern Man" Review. Anyway, I would like to congrats all 10 reviewers (including myself) being selected for "50 shaves of the Modern Man" Review .  Among all the reviewers, I am the only one who has shaving experience of less than 5 years wahahaha (T.T)! All right let me introduce all the reviewers especially the modern men who attended the briefing the other day: "50 shaves of the Modern Man" Reviewers Khai H