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My New Cool Specs with HOYA BlueControl Lenses

HOYA BlueControl - The new lens that I am using now to protect my eyes =) A selfie during the day I shoot for George Benson Concert Eyes feel tired after wearing contact lenses for long hours If you've already know, I am a heavy user either on PC/Smartphone. I've always busy processing photos using Adobe Lightroom and spent average 8 hours a day in front of the computer. Or I will search for inspiration through awesome people I follow on Instagram. Not to forget I am addicted to Pokopang (A Mobile Game). I just can't get my eyes off from the screen except when it is time for my darling XOXO hahaha. All the above actions made my eyes feel really tired and sometimes I will have sore shoulder too... I usually visit the nearest optical shop to check my eyesight and see whether there is any deterioration or improvement on my short-sighted eyes. Surprisingly my Astigmatism will fluctuate but the total power degree including my Myopia(short-sighted) will remain th