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40 Photos To Describe The Underwater Beauty of Bob's Island, Padang Indonesia

I am still new to diving sport but it has been great to explore beautiful underwater heaven in the sea of Mabul Island (my first diving trip) and Pulau Sinjaru, Padang, Indonesia (my second diving trip). Some people might call this island as Bob's Island or Pulau Sinjaru/Pulau Sinyaru . Based on the limited Google search result, I believe this place is still considered a hidden gem for divers in Padang, Indonesia. We stayed at Renaza Resort , which is the only resort in Bob's Island. Bob's Island is not that huge and you can have a morning walk around the beach. It will only takes you around 15-20 minutes walk to make a full round of the island. Instead of showing you what I saw on the land, I will show you what I saw under the sea. Below are some photos captured during my diving trip. Since my underwater camera light wasn't strong enough, most of the captured photos are fishes and sea creature in close distance. There were tons of big fishes swimming free

The GoPro4 That Will Be Forever Under The Sea of Padang, Indonesia

The last time I saw this GoPro4 under the sea So yeah, I am back from Padang, Indonesia for the diving and surfing trip. It was fun and relaxing as many things had happened and tons of memories recorded on both my cameras and the GoPro4 which I borrowed from a good friend. Oh well, due to some emergency situation underwater, the GoPro somehow didn't make it back to the boat. I guess it sunk away with the swift wave the other day... Yeah I lose the GoPro4 at the sea of Padang Indonesia and the story is like this...