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Nuffnang BIG Christmas Angpow for TC Has Arrived!

Guess how much in total? Woohoo =) Christmas came earlier as I've received TWO cheques from Nuffnang in this Holy Month. Now I can make some of my Christmas dream comes true!! Already get myself a brand new Nikon SB-900 Flash Gun and I really love it!! Now with the money that I am having now, it is time to get a new and proper camera bag as my humble Crocodile bag is retiring soon. Any suggestion? Looking back at my blog post "Christmas Presents that TC Want" , it seems like blogging help me remember my target and make my wishes come true too. Maybe I should write down all my targets for year 2012 that somehow remind myself and I can achieve them faster. I will also need to budget it for my brand new Ultrabook in conjunction with my birthday. I never know that making money online through blogging is possible until I stumble upon Nuffnang and the huge community. It is a long story of how I get involved with it and open a new chapter of my life. If you wanna know why I lo

Better SEO by Showing Blogpost Title First |Blogging Tips

Have you noticed my blog title on the web browser and Google search result has changed from "BlogName: BlogPostTitle" to "BlogPostTitle | BlogName" ? It means the blog post title will be showed first instead of my blog name (TianChad @ 永遇乐) first. Why would I do the changes? This specific changes will make all my blog post become more crawling friendly to Google Search Engine over all my pages and show more relevant results by showing my blog post title first. This somehow also means that you will rank better in Google Search Results and eventually helps you to get more organic traffics too. You do know that the more traffic you get the more online income you will get right? So here are a few steps to makes your blog perform better with this SEO Trick: Better SEO by Showing Blogpost Title First 1. Login and go to the blogger dashboard. 2. Proceed to "Layout " then "Edit HTML" (Remember to backup your original template firs

Make Money Online with ChurpChurp | Twitter Advertising Network for Malaysia & Singapore

You have heard about Twitter. What bout you can make money online by just twitting for ChurpChurp ? ChurpChurp is an advertising network for Twitter. The advertisers will specify the tweet contents to be propagated, also referred to as a Churp, so when you sign up and allow us to post Churps among your tweets, you earn money ! Here is how ChurpChurp works: The advertiser will come and find ChurpChurp for twitting about their latest news, promotion or even event for you to join. ChurpChurp can help in targeting different level of audiences base on gender or age. If the advertiser have special targeting requirement they can contact them here. So, once ChurpChurp receive the requirement from the advertiser, they will start looking for suitable audience to twitt about it. The Twitterers such as me can choose to churp [means twitt] or not. Once the twitterer churp about the message to be bring out. The churp will need to get through administrator's permission before it was allow