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My Favourite BigBang Style - TaeYang Six Pack Abs

Yo yo yo! I guess every BigBang's fans has been acknowledged about their upcoming BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 @ Malaysia Stadium Merdeka [27 Oct] right? So who hasn't got their ticket?!  Let see what has change from time to time. Obviously, they are getting even more famous nowadays with their music talents.  This is how BigBang looks like in few years back: All looks like teenager don't they? =) That time hair was still black  Check out their MV recorded in year 2009 - Last Farewell Now BigBang, like Samsung, have evolved over the years – they’ve pushed the boundaries of style and design. You can see the difference if compare their looks from year 2009 with current looks. The most obvious one is none other than their hair colors. It can be red, blue, green purple ....+++ Anyhow here's my favourite BigBang Fashion Style : Plain color shirts with some striking red   Simple black and white design with stripes and checkered shirt