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Warning! Acid Rain! Alert or Hoax?

Dark Circle appeared around the moon = Acid Rain?

Subject: Fw: Acid rain alert


Be careful from the 20th to 28th of this month, There is possibility of an ACID RAIN. The dark circle appeared around the moon on 17th of last month and this is an indication of Acid Rain. Apparently this happens once in 750 years.

It rains like normally but It may cause skin cancer if you expose yourself to it.

So ALERT your dear ones. This information is from NASA.

DO NOT neglect. Plz Forward this to your friends, Better to be cautious than sorry.

Have you received forwarded email about this acid rain warning? I have even receive SMS from a caring friend.


Basically the SMS above is also to alert us and becareful of rain starting today till 28th of April. I start seeing friends sharing this news in Facebook and did a little research on this "warning".

Actually, the dark circles around the moon are NOT an indication of impending acid rain. The alert is NOT from NASA as claimed in the email. In fact, a NASA spokesperson has denied any connection between circles around the moon and acid rain. Forwarding this false warning will do nothing more than cause unnecessary fear and alarm.

So no worries about being "showered" by rain within these day as this forwarded message is just a hoax. Sending on this absurd warning will serve only to raise unnecessary fear and alarm within communities. If you receive this hoax message, please do not send it to others. And please take a moment to inform the sender that the message is a hoax.

To all Malaysian and Singaporean, we are safe okay? =D

For more detailed explanation please visit this website here.

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)